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Tuesday, March 22, 2016  DOVER, Tenn. — Some Stewart County residents, and even some Town of Dover residents, could see a reduction in their homeowner’s insurance premiums since the ISO classifications have been upgraded.
ISO, or the Insurance Services Office, helps communities establish appropriate fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties through its Public Protection Classification program.
Previously, the classification was 6 in the county and 5 within the city limits. County Fire Chief Clint Mathis said the classification is now 5 countywide for residents within five miles of one of the county’s nine fire stations, which is a typical criteria.
The classification remains 5 within the city, however, the qualifying distance of within 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant has also changed to five miles.
“We are known as a hauled-water (fire) service, so the distance from a hydrant doesn’t matter,” Mathis said. “So now it’s five miles from a fire station, regardless of where you live in the county. The change will affect some properties in the city.”
The new ratings will go into effect on June 1.Jim Myers, co-owner of Sills Insurance, said affected residents will likely see lower insurance premiums, but it is difficult to quantify how much because so many variables go into determining an insurance rate. The ISO rating is only one of several factors, he added.

"I can say that overall it will be better property insurance rates," Myers said. "We've had some pretty large increases in this area over the last three or four years. Hopefully, this will help offset those some."

He credited the fire service for its work to achieve the lower rating.

"They really do a great job for the county," Myers said. "In a lot of other counties, the rates are 8, 9 or 10, which is considerably more (for insurance costs). The credit needs to go to all the volunteers for the work they do."

In January 2015, the Town of Dover contracted with Stewart County Fire & Rescue to provide fire protection within the city limits. Fire & Rescue has uses of the city’s fire vehicles and equipment, but the Town of Dover retains ownership of the assets.
While adding firefighting equipment to the inventory was helpful, it was only one of various factors that were beneficial during last November’s ISO survey of the county’s firefighting capabilities.
There are a total of 235 fire hydrants across the county, and some of that number were added recently by the North Stewart Utility District along U.S. Highway 79, Mathis said.
“We also have 102 static water-filling locations across the county,” he said. “These consist of ponds, creeks and the lake. … Stewart County is blessed with plenty of water.”
The fire service also added a ladder truck to its fleet in February of 2015, and it is housed at the new North Stewart fire station, which are also factors considered by ISO since its last survey in 2002.
Mathis said the county also scored bonus points for its Community Risk Reduction, which includes a fire prevention program, fire code adoption within the city and fire investigation services provided by the Bomb and Arson section of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.
Additionally, Mathis said Fire & Rescue upgraded all of its radios to a digital system, which the ISO took into account.
He said the ISO is planning to perform new surveys every four years in the future.
“According to the report, we have room to improve,” Mathis said. “But we are all about improving our service to the community.”
He said they will work to maintain the current ratings and also hopes to improve them in the future.
One obstacle to further improving is the fact most of the volunteer firefighters are non-certified. Currently, Fire & Rescue has 80 volunteers on the roster, but ISO uses a method that effectively counts three volunteers as one professional firefighter.
“I don’t necessarily agree with it,” Mathis said. “The volunteers train hard and spend a lot of time training to be able to do the job.
“What they are looking at is that you don’t know when (volunteers) would be available, they aren’t saying they’re not capable of doing the job.”
He invited anyone interested in becoming a volunteer to check their webpage,, which includes applications
"Our volunteers are the backbone of this department and this great rating is a testament to their dedication," said Mathis. 




Monday, September 28, 2015  NASHVILLE, Tenn., September 23, 2015–Stewart County received a Local Government Award at the Annual Business meeting of the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) that was held on September 22nd in Clarksville. 

The county received an award for Protective Services for efficiency through disaster recovery grant for the fire department’s new 6,500 square foot fire station.  After the loss of one of the northern fire stations in May 2011 by tornado, a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) assisted the county with constructing a new, more efficient fire station.  The station was planned for the newly constructed Hwy 79 area of the county, which is expected to receive future growth.   Along with consolidating two nearby fire stations into this new facility, the county will be able to improve their ISO rating and response time for areas within the county that were not within the 5-mile coverage areas of the other fire stations.  Further, this new station was built with disaster management in mind:  a large diesel-powered generator was constructed on premises for use during power failures, and can house citizens during disasters or used for emergency management functions if the county’s Emergency Operations Center is unavailable.

 “Stewart County demonstrates outstanding innovation and resourcefulness in public safety service for all of its citizens,“ said Sam Edwards, Executive Director of the Greater Nashville Regional Council.


The GNRC is made up of the thirteen counties and fifty-two cities in the Nashville area. The Council provides planning and other assistance to member governments in economic development, transportation, solid waste, loans and grants for water and sewer systems, housing, small business loans, tourism promotion, air quality and services for senior citizens. 




Wednesday, June 24, 2015  Today SCFR participated in an exercise with TVA Cumberland Fossil Plant involving a simulated ammonia release. These types of exercises test our ability to integrate with plant staff and identify any weaknesses for future training consideration. Our members spend countless hours training in order to better protect our community. 




Tuesday, April 14, 2015  Two of our members have recently been selected as the recipients of some very honorable awards! Firefighter Jason Milton received the Tennessee Youth Volunteer Star Award for his efforts and dedication as a FF with SCFR!!! Firefighter James Taylor has recently been selected as the American Legion Firefighter of the Year for the State of TN. FF Taylor will be presented his award in June at the American Legion State Convention. On behalf of SCFR we congratulate these two members on their accomplishments and sincerely thank them for their service to our organization and community! 




Tuesday, March 31, 2015  A reminder that a burn permit is required Oct 15th - May 15th for outdoor burning. You may obtain a free permit by calling the TN Division of Forestry at 1-877-350-BURN or by visiting




Wednesday, March 11, 2015  Today, we officially placed into service Tanker 1. After new decals, radio installation, and getting it loaded with equipment the "new" Tanker 1 goes to the front lines today. This KME 1500 gallon pumper-tanker will be stationed in our main station, Station 1. This apparatus is just another piece of equipment in our ongoing apparatus improvement plan. We are excited to have it in our fleet! 




Saturday, March 7, 2015  The new (to us) SCFR Rescue 1 was placed into service today. This truck was purchased from Castanea Fire Department in Pennsylvania. Members spent several hours loading and setting up the truck to meet our response needs. Rescue 1 will be stationed at Station 2, our Dover station




Wednesday, January 14, 2015  This morning, at their grand opening, Walmart Neighborhood Market presented SCFR with a $500 donation. Thank you for your support, Walmart!!




Saturday, June 21, 2014  Construction is moving along on our newest facility in the North Stewart area. This station was totally funded through a disaster grant due to flooding and tornadoes that destroyed our Big Rock Station. Also, in an effort to be more cost effective and to provide better service we will be consolidating three stations into this new facility. Our Big Rock (destroyed), Red Top, and New Haven stations will all move to this facility. This station is approx 7000 square feet and can house up to 6 apparatus. We are expecting to near completion around mid August. Keep an eye out for our open house announcement!




Tuesday, April 22, 2014  The Board of Directors, Stewart County Fire Rescue, is pleased to announce the appointment of Clint Mathis to the Chief position, effective May 1st, 2014.

As requested, Fire Rescue members sent the Board two highly qualified, very well respected nominees for consideration: Training Chief Clint Mathis and Captain Jimmy Luffman. Captain Luffman very graciously declined his nomination.

The Board met Tuesday, April 22nd to finalize the nomination and selection. After interview and careful deliberation, the Board voted unanimously in favor of Clint Mathis.

The Board would like to thank all Fire Rescue members for their participation- especially Chief Mathis and Captain Luffman.

Congratulations Clint. There are many challenges ahead. We look forward to a bright future.

Board of Directors
Stewart County Fire Rescue



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