Stewart County Fire Rescue

SCFR Responds to Vehicle Fire

Wednesday, July 25, 2012  SCFR responded to a report of a vehicle fire on The Trace inside Land Between the Lakes. District Chief Sheets arrived on scene and advised the vehicle was fully involved. Responding apparatus was Eng. 129 and Eng. 4. The cause of the fire was from a lawn mower blade that the vehicle struck in the roadway piercing the gas tank and sparking the fire. The vehicle was a total loss. 



SCFR Vehicle Rescue Training

Modified dash lift using a Genesis spreader

Modified dash lift using a Genesis

Friday, July 20, 2012   SCFR personnel sharpened their extrication skills during a two night training session held on 7-19 and 7-20. Over 20 members participated and battled the extreme heat during the event. Special thanks to Mathis Bros Lumber Company for allowing us to use their location and to Eddie Pulley, Dover Auto Body, and Dale Taylor for assisting by providing cars.



New Recruits Complete Training

Tuesday, July 17, 2012   Several new fire recruits recently completed Basic and Live Firefighting training. They were awarded their certificates during the July 17th SCFR Board of Directors meeting.

Congratulations to Shelly and Andy Torok, Kelly Walden, Matthew Senn, Michael Carmichael, Todd Forrest, and Steve Scholbrock.



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