Chief Officers

Ethan Luffman

Jason Milton
Assistant Chief

Jimmy Luffman
Deputy Chief

Jeff Welker
Deputy Chief

Station Captains

Captain Josh Banker 9939
Station 1

Rescue Captain James Howard 9301
Station 3

 Captain Dakota Robertson 9941
Station 4

 Captain Harold Chester 99344
Station 5

Interim Captain John Downs 9949 
Station 6

Captain Raymond Whitehead 9917
Station 7

Captain Archie Cryer 9918
Station 9

 Captain Steve Peters 9950
Station 10

 Captain Seabrook Fields 9931
Station 12

Safety Officer Doug Hall 9985
Station 12

Captain of Training

As the Captain of Training Brennan Graham will make sure that SCFR personnel meet the required safety drills and requirements. His job is to make sure that “Everyone Goes Home”.


Rita Tinsley  is Captain of the K9 Search and Rescue Unit.   All of the dogs and handlers involved in k9 SAR have extensive training in disaster work, triage, search, rescue and recovery operations.

Past Chiefs

Eric Watkins

Clint Mathis

Rick Joiner

Jeff Milton